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In order to make sense of the world around you, it is important to be able to use logic to understand data. Scientists and engineers need to be able to use logic and think ahead when the results are surprising. Your challenge is to crack the code using mathematics and logic. Can you beat the codemaker?

Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

Coin Challenge Brochure

Coin Challenge Brochure

What is the history of logic puzzles?

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, most famously known as the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, created one of the first logic puzzle books in 1887. In his toy book, The Game of Logic, players place circles in certain squares to keep track of what's happening.
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What are some other well-known logic puzzles?

Rubik's cubes are 3D logic puzzles where you must put all of the same colored squares on the same face of the cube. Battleship is a logic game where you must figure out where your opponent's battleship is on a grid. Sudoku uses logic to place the numbers 1-9 in a grid so that no two numbers are in the same row, column, or square.
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What is the difference between combination and permutation?

A combination is a certain group of things. A permutation is a list of things where order matters.

What is the scientific method?

The scientific method relies on using your experience, creating a hypothesis, creating predictions, and experimenting to test your hypothesis.


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Tier 2 Lessons: Grades 7 - 12+

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