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What's New About STEM Sims

  • Over 350 interactive simulations of laboratory experiments and engineering design projects that capture the characteristics of the Universal Design for Learning with highly engaging activities, accessible instructional strategies, multiple paths to solutions, and an intuitive user interface
  • Contextual Simulations
  • Developed with funding from the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and Department of Homeland Security, STEM Sims places students in scenario-based, contextual learning environments where they use virtual tools to deeply explore STEM topics that matter.
  • It's not just the simulations. You get lessons, methods, video walkthroughs and more. All designed to support a robust, minds-on STEM curriculum.
  • Research-based and classroom-tested, STEM Sims enables students and teachers to experience leading-edge, next-generation STEM topics in the context of real-world applications.
  • STEM Sims is available on a subscription basis for students at school and at home. Nothing to download or maintain.
  • STEM Sims aligns with national (NGSS) and state (e.g., Florida) standards. For further information on specific state standards, please click the button below or contact us by email at

For information about purchasing a subscription to STEM Sims, please visit our subscription page.