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Lessons 1: Elements Game

How much do you know about the common elements on the periodic table? In this game, you will be given clues about the characteristics and other relevant information about the elements and you will have to identify the element. Think fast, because the faster you name the element, the more points you will receive.

Doing the science

  1. Open the Periodic Table simulation.
  2. If not already selected, click the "Elements" button.

    Game Rules
    • You must identify the element based on the clues provided within one minute.
    • A new clue for a given element is presented on screen about every 6 seconds. A total of 6 clues are given for one element.
    • A correct answer results in up to 100 points added to your score; however, the longer you take to answer correctly, the fewer points you will earn.
    • An incorrect answer results in the deduction of 20 points from your total score.
    • One game consists of 10 rounds (the identification of 10 elements.)

  3. Play this game 3 times. Record your score for each game in Table 1 below.
  4. To begin the game, select the "Start" button.

Do You Understand?

  1. Which type of clue was most helpful in identifying each element?

  2. Did you use a specific strategy that helped you improve your score with each game? If so, describe your strategy.