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Lesson 7: Stopping Influenza

You have previously investigated a variety of ways to stop the spread of influenza through a school population. Now the question is which method is most effective?

Doing the Science

  1. You must have completed the previous six lessons in this module before you complete this lesson.
  2. Return to your data from the first six lessons, and for each protection method calculate the percentage of infected students out of the total population. To complete this calculation, divide the total number of infected students at the end of week 6 by 120 (the total population of students in the school). Multiply this value by 100 to convert it to a percentage. Enter these data into Table 1.

Table 1.


Percentage of Infected Students


Hand washing

Sanitizer station




Do You Understand?

  1. Based on your results, which influenza protection strategy was most effective?

  2. Which influenza protection strategy was most intrusive?

  3. Which influenza protection strategy was least intrusive?

  4. If there were a real influenza outbreak at your school, which strategy would you recommend to your principal to stop the spread of the illness? Please explain your response.

  5. Describe how you would monitor the outbreak strategy you recommended in the previous question.

  6. Discuss what you would do if people violated the strategy you proposed.