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Erosion Control

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You have been tasked with building a level basketball court at your school. Unfortunately, the only piece of land large enough to locate your court is on a steep hillside. You’ll have to come up with an erosion control plan that keeps the land from washing over your court during heavy rainfalls. Are you up for the challenge? The ball’s in your court.

Planning and Carrying Out Investigations

Erosion Control Brochure

Erosion Control Brochure

What is erosion?

Erosion is the movement of weathered materials from one location to another. For example, if wind blows beach sand from a dune and scatters the sand over a beach parking lot, the sand is said to have been eroded. The formation of the Grand Canyon is an example of water eroding the land over millions of year. Agents of erosion include moving water, wind, gravity, and animal traffic.

What is weathering?

Weathering is the chemical or physical breakdown of rock into smaller pieces. A number of different agents weather rock including water, wind, gravity, animal traffic, and the freezing and thawing process.

What are some factors affecting erosion?

A number of factors can affect the rate at which erosion occurs. Some of these factors are particle size, speed of the agent of erosion, and the type of erosion agent.

What are some erosion control methods?

People have devised numerous methods for reducing erosion. Some of these methods include terracing (cutting stair steps into the side of a hill), planting ground cover (like turf and bushes), building retaining walls, creating less severe slopes, and using soil lifts, which are similar to sand bags. Some methods of erosion prevention are more effective than other methods.
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